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I'm Stephanie. I love books so much that I decided to be a librarian. Woot Woot! All things British are awesome. All things historical are second awesome. Going to the movies is my favorite thing. Things I am most certainly NOT obsessed with: Tom Hiddleston. Harry Potter. Marvel Comics. Disney Movies. Doctor Who. Sherlock. UNC Tar Heels.

Sherlock + cinematography


War Horse' Press Conference at the Regency Hotel 2011

We don’t touch…well, not directly. Prophylactically, yes.


Harry Potter books covers from around the world.k

I’ll take one of each. Please and thank you.

This was not a simple altruism or generosity on my part.  It would look foolish any other way.  She hit the screen like a bomb. ~ Gregory Peck

Marvel’s Chris trifecta